Personal Prescription Tracker ( PPT ) User Guide
Requirements: macOS 10.7+ and Intel Mac

  • For shareware users, drag the application to your hard/SSD/Flash drive and put it in the Applications folder.
  • Mac App Store installations are handled automatically by Apple's Mac App Store
Welcome & Overview: Description of the application's components and introduction

Entering/Viewing/Deleting Prescriptions: Adding, Viewing, Changing and Deleting Prescriptions. Mechanics and Discussion

Prescriptions Due: Shows when refills are due, when they expire and the most recent prescription for a drug

Cost & Average Cost: Displays total and average monthly cost based on selection criteria

Reporting: Prescription and ancillary reports

Registration - does not apply to Mac App Store customers
Legal Stuff

PPT does not offer any Medical or Drug advice/recommendations: Personal Prescription Tracker(PPT) does not provide or suggest any medical or drug advice/guidance. PPT does not provide any, and should not be relied upon or construed as, medical and/or prescription drug advice/information/guidance. PPT users should consult an appropriate licensed professional medical practitioner ( typically a licensed medical doctor and/or pharmacist ) for all prescription drug-related questions/issues including but not limited to selection, appropriateness, use and safety. PPT and BrilorSoftware does not endorse, advocate, recommend or suggest any drugs. PPT is a data tracker for the user's own personal use.