VMT Icon  Prescriptions Due - Tab Two

For a selected patient and drug ( or all ) this pane shows prescriptions whose 'Next Fill" date is overdue or expiration date past. Buttons can filter the display prescriptions further.

The Mechanics:
  • Use the popups to choose a patient and drug
  • Pick one of the filtering options using the radio buttons to the right of the popups.
  • Press the Show button to display the maintenance matching the selected options.

Using the prescription data previously entered on tab one, the next projected refill date( "Next Fill") is calculated and qualifying prescriptions shown in the tabular area at the bottom of the window. If the calculated "Next Fill" dates are in the past or equal to today’s date, the date(s) is colored red to warn of potential overdue prescription(s)

Additional Filtering Buttons

Prescription data is filtered based on: selected patient, selected drug and the radio button-controlled filtering options:

Only Last/Most Recent( regardless of expiration date )
Only the last ( i.e. most recent ) prescription filled is shown. For example, if patient "Joe Smith" and drug "levothyroxine" are selected, only the last refill for the most recent levothyroxine prescription are shown. Joe Smith's prior levothyroxine prepscriptions( i.e. prior to the last most recent prescription ) are not shown.

All ( regardless of expiration date )
Show all prescriptions for a given patient/prescription. For example, if patient "Joe Smith" and drug "levothyroxine" are selected, all of Joe Smith's levothyroxine prescriptions in the data base for are shown.

Overdue only ( but not expired )
Displays current ( non-expired ) prescriptions whose calculated "Next Fill" date is today’s date or in the past.
Every listed item listed would have a red-colored "Next Fill" date

Expired only
Displays prescriptions whose expiration date is today’s date or in the past.

Right Click ( or Control click ) To Add Reminders For Future Prescriptions

Control clicking a item from the list at the bottom of the window allows a reminder to be added to the system user notification center ( requires macOS 10.8 or higher ).

  • To schedule a reminder, use the contextual menu( i.e. right click or control click one of the prescriptions in the list to see the menu )
  • Once a reminder is triggered, it repeats every day  until the user dismisses it
  • Dismissing a reminder opens the maintenance item in PPT
  • System Preferences "Banners" setting is recommended for Notifications
  • Reminders cannot be scheduled for already overdue prescriptions. ( i.e. "next fill" date in the past )