VMT Icon  Prescription Costs - Tab Three

Summarizes prescription costs( if entered ) based on the selected patient, drug and dispensing date range.

Basic Usage:
  1. Use the popups to choose a patient, drug and dispensing date range.
  2. Press the Show button to display total cost and average monthly cost.
  1. Dispensing Date Range Limits collection to prescriptions whose dispensing dates are within the date range supplied.
  2. Total Cost is the accumulation of each qualifying ( based on selection criteria ) prescriptions's cost.
  3. Average Monthly Cost is Total Cost divided by the number of months ( and this is calculated to a fraction ) reflected in the in the qualifying prescription's dispensing date range. For example, if the dispensing date range specified is January through June but the filtering finds prescriptions dispensed in March and April and May( i.e. no qualifying prescriptions found for January, February, June), the average is calculated on the found dates and not the dispensing date range
Please Note:

All cost calculations are constrained by the selection criteria. If the calculations appear incorrect, please review your selection/filtering criteria.