Screencast and Download of free trial  version 1.34,  2.1 MB zip file,  Intel Mac and OS X 10.7+ required - posted 27-March-2015

User Guide, Older Version Information and Other Products:

Description:  VMT collects vehicle maintenance data and shows when subsequent maintenance tasks are due. A flexible format handles virtually any type of vehicle ( i.e. cars, motorcycles, scooters, large vehicles etc. ). Vehicle, mileage ( or kilometers ), costs, providers, service tasks and service dates are all tracked and saved. The user interface is localized for Spanish, German and French.  Data management, reporting( both printed and on-screen ), and future maintenance are all available in a one window tabbed interface.

Version 1.30

General:The enhancements are an organized extension of the prior functionality and existing users should find operation familiar. If available, version 1.18 data is used.

  1. Vehicles, Tasks and Providers now have separate data entry sheet/drop down windows with more details
  2. Parts, Labor and Tax costs data may now be added to the maintenance
  3. A maintenance 'note' may be included
  4. Cost and Distance tab shows new cost data totals and averages
  5. Easier report selection. New Vehicle, Provider and Task list reports added
  6. Graphical date selection in addition to standard date pickers
Bug Fixes:
  1. Maintenance deletion failed in some scenarios
  2. Console warnings about fonts
  3. Maintenance Due tab: Last Maint Date, Last Maint miles & Next Maint Date column header text was truncated during column sorting
  4. Adding a new maint item on tab1 correctly updates display count shown
  5. General report cleanup
  6. Total cost now saves decimal digits in a non-English localization
  7. Average monthly cost was calculated on entered filter dates instead of service dates within the data returned
  8. Time units ( i.e. monthly, daily, yearly ) for tasks were not stored correctly
  9. Assorted minor bugs
History of recent minor releases:
  1. Version 1.34 - Added: French localization and overdue maintenance report.
  2. Version 1.33 - Compatibility fix for OS X 10.10
  3. Version 1.19 - Code signing compatibile with OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10
  4. Version 1.18 - Compatibility fix for OS X 10.9
 Versions 1.34, 1.33, 1.30, 1.19  and 1.18 are free upgrades for registered version 1.xx users

Data file conversion for original data files created by versions 1.0 through 1.10
    1.    Original data files were automatically converted when launching versions 1.11 through 1.13 but as of version 1.14+ they are no longer converted.

    2.    E-mail BrilorSoftware ( before downloading current version ) for conversion assistance

Registration and Email:
$9 U.S. Dollars via PayPal - Paypal Registration NOT required. Just pay with a credit card

Registration code is emailed to you within 24 hours ( usually sooner ! ).

Please send an email if you would prefer to register via the postal service.

Note: if VMT was licensed/downloaded on the Mac App Store,  updates will be delivered via the Mac App Store.  If  a registration key email was received, updates will be found on this web page.

Localization Assistance:

Please let me know by email if you would like to assist with either a French, Italian, or Japanese translation