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Description:  Vehicle Maintenance Plus  ( VMP ) is the successor app to the retired Vehicle Maintenance Tracker app. It includes all of the former's features and more.

VMP collects vehicle maintenance data and shows vehicle maintenance data and shows when subsequent maintenance tasks are due. The flexible format handles many vehicle types( i.e. cars, motorcycles, scooters, large vehicles etc. ). Mileage ( or kilometers ), costs, owners, providers, service tasks, service dates, receipts and vehicle photos are all saved and tracked. A convenient one window tabbed interface delivers all features.

VMP maintains component databases that are used to assemble a maintenance transaction. For example,  a provider database ( like a car dealer ), a task data base ( like oil change, new tires  )  vehicle database ( could be your vehicle, another vehicle you own, a client's vehicle etc. ) and an owner list. All the component databases are reusable which eliminates repetitive data entry.

Maintenance and  component database data is saved and used to document and plan maintenance. It identifies overdue maintenance, provides on-screen reports, printed reports and reminders.

VMP's features are useful for vehicle owners, small businesses wanting to track fleet maintenance and vehicle service facilities wanting to track a vehicle's maintenance and its owner.

Smart progressive data filtering provides fast access to the desired data subset and facilitates managing multiple vehicles and multiple owners.

Vehicle Maintenance Plus imports Vehicle Maintenance Tracker data. Please review the "Import VMT Data" instructions in VMP's help carefully before using the import.

Version 1.0.1 Version 1.0

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Registration code is emailed to you within 24 hours ( usually sooner ! ).

Note: if VMP was licensed/downloaded on the Mac App Store,  updates will be delivered via the Mac App Store.  If  a registration key email was received, updates will be found on this web page.

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