Purge Memory ( two versions )

Both versions execute the Unix "purge" command. "purge"  increases the "Free" memory ( as shown in Apple's Activity Monitor ---system memory tab ) by purging the "Inactive" memory.  The same thing could be done by entering the purge command in a Terminal window.

Standard Version:
Double click the app to run it. It runs and quits; There is no user interface.

Background Only Version:  When launched it runs in the background ( not visible in dock ) and issues the "purge" command every hour. Otherwise, it does the same thing as the standard version. It can be quit via Apple's Activity Monitor

Updated on: 17-March-2013

Installation & Operation: The application can be put anywhere on your hard drive. However, it might need Developer Tools installed on some versions of OS X. The unix executable is located in: /usr/bin. Purge Memory is freeware and runs in OS X  10.6+.  No enhancements are planned and no support is provided. No warranties, guaranties implied or otherwise. Use at your own risk.
Download    [ 9k ] Intel Standard Version: here    [ 14k ] Intel Background Only Version: here

OS 10.9 Mavericks Note
In Mavericks the "purge" command needs escalated authority ( i.e. Admin password ) and use of super user do command ( sudo ) to execute. Since Purge Memory is not built to collect a password, it will fail.  I will  consider upgrading it if there is time and user interest. Those who don't mind using the Terminal.app may want to do it directly by typing 'sudo purge' followed by entering your admin password at the prompt ( note: password is not echoed back in Terminal ).
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