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Sandboxed, digitally signed for macOS Gatekeeper and notarized -  updated 30-May-2024

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Text note taker with calendaring and other supporting functionality

    Important dates tracking with countdown and reminders via Notification Center
    Searches, filters and sorts notes
    Shows Sunrise/Set ( requires Location Services )
    Weekly, Monthly and List note views
    Printable monthly note view
    For CCNX users: Imports CCNX's notes and events

CCNX User Note Conversion Utility( freeware )
    Simple utility to convert a CCNX user note to a standard text ( .txt ) file. Download here

Version 1.15 changes ( May 30, 2024 )
  • New: At launch the note for today's date is selected, if there is one. Same behavior for current month, current year and "for Month Showing" options
  • Change: delete button style on Note Entry matches other buttons
  • Change: Components of date on Important Dates are highlighted when selected for better visibility
  • Change: Settings window's font size increased
  • Change: Yearly notes list now defaults to a descending sort by date
  • Change: Reminder confirmation dialog on Note Entry pane widens to accommodate longer notes
  • Fixed: Adding an important date to the daynotes ( via Important Dates tab's contextual menu ) would sometimes fail to add/update the daynote
  • Fixed: Notes count displayed below the note list failed to update after filtering notes
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking on an Daynotes' Notification Center reminder
  • Fixed: Notes list wasn't updated to isolate the corresponding note from a Notification Center reminder
Version 1.14 changes ( September 19, 2023 )
  • New: Month paging buttons on Note Entry & List tab can be reset to show month before/after the current date
  • New: Current date's day number now appears on the active( running ) app's icon ( in dock, app navigator via ⌘ Tab etc. )
  • Fixed: Table view display ( on Note Entry and Important Dates tabs ) internals updated for better stability
  • Fixed: "Show All" option now displays when a user selects a subset of the data with current month, current year, filters data etc.
  • Fixed: Important Notes tab: For a selected row the date's text color didn't match the note text color in light mode
  • Fixed: Filter function operates on only the visible TV contents and should look at all notes
  • Change: Note Entry & List tab saves notes when user tabs out( or presses the Return/Enter key ) of the text entry. No Save button needed
  • Fixed: Note Entry & List tableview scroller thumb was partially hidden
  • Fixed: Minor issues with note display and button state consistency
  • Fixed: Minor cosmetics to the monthly tab
Version 1.13 changes ( May 31, 2023 )
  • Fixed: Note Entry & List tab sometimes displayed blank lines with macOS 13.4
Version 1.12 changes ( March 20, 2023 ) Version 1.11 changes ( February 14, 2023 ) Version 1.10 changes ( November 18, 2022 ) Version 1.09 changes ( February 6, 2021 ) Version 1.08 changes ( February 5, 2021 ) Version 1.07 changes ( February 1, 2021 )
Version 1.06 changes ( September, 2020 )
Version 1.05 changes( August 2020 )
    Pressing ' ' on mini-calendar failed to colorize today's date. Fixed.
    A preference now shows either:  all notes or the current month's notes on launch.
    Import CCNX's confirmation alert now dismisses via the escape key
    Please note the change to the note deletion confirmation dialog

Version 1.04 changes( April 2020 )
    Fixed: After deleting the last note it reappears on next Daynotes launch
    Fixed: Same bug for Important Dates

Version 1.03 changes( March 2020 )
    New: United States major holidays available for important dates and notes
    Mini-cal's new button moves calendar to current month/year
    Monthly calendar printing via "Print Monthly View" doesn't use a black background if Mac set for dark mode.
    Improved cosmetics for Monthly View day grid and "Print Monthly View" button.

Version 1.02 changes( January 2020 )

    Highlighted notes for the current date on the Note Entry and List tab

Version 1.01 changes( December 2019 )

    File menu item "thanks for registering" now disables after registering
    Mini-cal now updates to reflect deletions from the Note Entry & List
    Keyboard delete key option to delete an important date
    File menu now has a "Close" item.
    New note entry now shows a background placeholder instead of "** put new note here **"
    Cosmetic improvements to monthly tab

Version 1.00 ( October 2019 )


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