Note Entry & List - Tab One

New Users Start Here

Note: If you are/were a CCNX app user and want to import your CCNX data into Daynotes, please import first ( instructions are here "Importing CCNX notes into Daynotes" ) before adding notes via the "Adding a New Note" described below

This tab is for adding, changing, deleting, searching, sorting and filtering notes.

Adding a New Note

Click on a mini-calendar date without a note and a new note will be added to the list.

  1. The new note is added to the bottom of the list
  2. If the list contains a lot of notes, click on "Hide/Show All" to hide the other notes before creating the new note. It will be easier to see the new note.
  3. The new note is simply a template and the text can be changed to your desired content.
  4. To create a multi-line note, hold down the Option key and press the Return key to start a new line within the same note.

Changing a Note

Scroll ( and or filer/limit the list ) the list so the note needing a change is visible.

  1. Click on the note text and then double click to highlight the text.
  2. Edit the note as needed.
  3. Limiting the list to a specific month makes finding a note easier. To do this, change the mini-calendar so it shows the desired month/year and then press "For Month Showing" to limit the list to only that month.

Searching/Filtering Notes

Enter text in the "Enter characters" field and press the "Filter" button to limit the note list to only those containing the characters.

Sorting Notes

The note list can be sorted via the 'Date' column using the small disclosure triangle in the column header.