Data Synchronization Options

Customers sometimes ask if VMT/PMT/PPT can synchronize data on multiple Mac machines, so here is a description and possible options.

First, VMT/PMT/PPT does not provide any builtin data sharing or cloud support among multiple Macs. The data is essentially single-user and is stored in the BrilorSoftware folder at the following location:

Data Location:
• VMT(Mac App Store): /Users/YOUR_USER_ID/Library/Containers/com.brianstevens.VMT/Data/Library/Application Support/BrilorSoftware
• VMT(direct): /Users/YOUR_USER_ID/Library/Containers/com.brilorsoftware.VMT/Data/Library/Application Support/BrilorSoftware
• PMT: /Users/YOUR_USER_ID/Library/Containers/com.brilorsoftware.PropertyMaintenanceTracker/Data/Library/Application Support/BrilorSoftware
• PPT: /Users/YOUR_USER_ID/Library/Containers/com.brilorsoftware.PersonalPrescriptionTracker/Data/Library/Application Support/BrilorSoftware

The BrilorSoftware folder can be copied in the Finder but each machine running VMT, PMT or PPT needs their own copy of the data.

Potential Customer Options:
• One customer keeps the data on only one machine but uses OS X’s "screen sharing" to login to that mac from another.
• Data in the BrilorSoftware folder can be synchronized with another Mac running VMT/PMT. Possibly synchronization methods are:
    - copy the folder in the Finder to the target BrilorSoftware folder on the other Mac
    - use folder synchronization software such as:

      note: BrilorSoftware does not endorse or have relationships with the above software vendors. They are offered as examples of software that could be used. Investigate wisely.
    - If you can manage your data and do synchronizing yourself( or with independent apps such the above ) it is possible to share data on multiple macs.
    - However, keep in mind VMT does not provide multi-user access to the same database. You would need to manage use so only one user accesses the data at a time.
• Dropbox and other similar services could use symlinks to have each mac access the same data( but note limitation below )
    - By ( for example ) establishing a symlink for each BrilorSoftware folder that actually points to the Dropbox folder
    - N.B. this does not account for unsupported multi-user access as noted previously. Two+ users accessing the same Dropbox-housed BrilorSoftware folder simultaneously can corrupt the data but
      good cooperative communication in a small environment (  e.g. users instant message each other when about to use VMT/PMT/PPT ) could allow it to work. Not perfect but possible.