CCNX - removed/obsolete

A new 'Daynotes' app is coming in late 2019 - it will use CCNX's data files & provide a more modern single window user interface.
Those interested in the 64-bit release and doing some testing, please email at for details.

Notice: The 32-bit CCNX is no longer available for download because the coming macOS 10.15  version later this year will shorten its useful life.  A new 64-bit version is planned for later in 2019.

System Requirements:  macOS 10.6 through 10.14( Mojave )  N.B. macOS 10.15 won't run it because it's 32-bit

Screencast: 29 MB download
Screenshots: here
Description: A text-based simple-to-use personal information manager with the following features:

Calendaring and Notes:
  • Calendar in weekly, monthly, yearly views - color coded visual cues for dates with notes
  • Day Notes associated with a date are one click away, can recur and have reminders
  • Notes are searchable with a basic export
  • Event Timers - shows Years, Months & Days to events and can be added to calendar
  • Countdown Timer - to an event or date
  • 24 Hour Timer - to remind to take breaks or whatever
Other Features:
  • Sunset/Sunrise Tracker
  • Time Zone Tracker
  • Project Time Logger
  • Schedule Shutdown/Restart/Sleep for specific date & time
  • US holidays may be automatically added to the calendar
  • Shows week of year ( e.g. week 23 )
General Features
  • Preferences to customize such as showing week starting on Sunday or Monday
  • Spellchecking
  • Local language for month and day names
CCN X provides several features( event timers and week of year ) that are sold elsewhere as standalone apps.

Version 3.45 Changes
Now supports enhanced display when running on a retina Mac

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CCNX Registration now unnecessary. App is Free

Development Tools and People that helped make this possible are:
The FBtoC Team and FutureBasic List
Apple's Xcode™
Thanks to AHS and BW for their input